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Mannequin (1987) & Mannequin 2 (1991)

HOLLYWOOD MONTROSE as portrayed by Meschach Taylor in Mannequin (1987) and Mannequin 2 (1991).


I could get all political and say that Hollywood was using that hose to challenge the fascism of the department store he worked at, but that would be completely dishonest. Back in the day, I feel like this movie came on Channel 11 EVERY SUNDAY for like five years! Hollywood Montrose and those glasses and that jehri curl. Whoo chile. I have not watched either of these films since the Y2K didn't break all the computers, but I'm sure there are minefields upon minefields of problematic in this. But since both of these films are based on an absurd premise, not much depth to debate on any front. It's interesting seeing it in chronological relationship to Revenge of the Nerds. Were the producers looking to replicate the success of Lamar Latrelle? Is this what folks thought all Black gay men were like? Both and? Either or? Side note: I really do wish I could find those glasses today.


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