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I ❤️ Furaha

I ❤️Furaha (formerly titled Boy Like Me) is a new romantic comedy set in the fictitious community exclusively for Black gay men.


Right now, I'm looking for support to bring the completed screenplay to life. Contact me if you'd like to know more. 

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Black, Gay & On Screen

#BlackGayandonScreen is a deep-dive into the depictions of Black gay men in film and television, one story at a time. 

You can explore the whole series here

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As a senior consultant with CJAM Consulting, I provide solutions for arts and cultural organizations at pivotal moments of change. Clients include The World Famous Apollo Theater, August Wilson House, The Flea, 651 ARTS and more. Learn about CJAM's work. 


Characters & CosPlay

Sometimes I play around with makeup and costumes to channel historical figures and characters of my own creation. Take a look here

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Show:UP! was created in 2014 as a response to archaic and boring theater traditions. It evolved into a genre-defying dinner party experience presented in homes all over the country. Learn more about it here. 


Wild and Wise

Wild and Wise was a pilot video chat show where Jamilah Lemieux and I conquered topics of race, sex and with very special guests. If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch, you can learn more and catch up here

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Dreamgirls 2020

I reimagined the iconic "It's All Over" sequence from the musical Dreamgirls as an ill fated Zoom conversation. I also played all the characters. You can watch it here


Wake Up With WBM

Wake Up With WBM was an experiment that began as a simple interactive morning talk show and evolved into a series of comedic makeup and hair tutorials, with commentary on pop culture - all streamed live. Old episodes live here



EBONY is an iconic magazine celebrating the richness of the Black American experience. I wrote a few feature articles that appeared in print and online, and provided consultation to the senior and executive editorial staff. You can read my writing here

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