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30+ experiences presented in brooklyn, harlem, washington, dc and detroit

Show:UP! is a pop-up, interactive, immersive experience that takes place in a real home or other non-traditional venue. Launched in 2014, Show:UP! is a pioneer in combining mobile phone technology with live performance by seamlessly weaving accounts created for the characters into each signature experience. Our stories focus on the lives of Black people, and explore intersections and scenarios not often featured in mainstream storytelling. Since we started, Show:UP! has produced over 30 public experiences, as well bespoke events for private clients including multinational corporations. 


As co-creator and Creative Director, I developed the overall concept and create the stories and character universes.

Show:UP! is also led by Creative Direct Nickolas Vaughan and Culinary Director Shellie Porter, and brought to life by a super talented team of Creative Collaborators who have logged countless credits on stages and screens, including Broadway and network TV.  


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