RuPaul (1992 - present)

RUPAUL as portrayed by RuPaul Charles in various projects. (1992-)


Oh boy, this is complicated. First of all, I'm exploring "characters" and not real people and the line with RuPaul Charles gets very murky. Technically, whenever he is in drag, it's a character. But then, in some projects he's in drag and playing yet another character. Nevertheless, he needs to be explored. The earliest film I associate him with is Crooklyn -- "I ain't no puta! I keep my panties clean!" which was filmed just a few short blocks from my childhood home. When I was growing up, RuPaul was synonomous with sissy, and his name was used to taunt the boys who had a little zest. Even @lilkimthequeenbee took a jab. But, RuPaul had staying power. No one can deny his impact on how the world views drag culture and drag performances. But, I'd be lying if I didn't say I feel VERY let down by him as a Black gay man. For me, his work centers whiteness and pines for acceptance by assimilation rather than assertion. Chile, lemme stop that's an essay for another day. But I had to keep it 100, especially since he's been consipicously silent in light of all that is going on in the world. And, he allegedly is fracking on his ranch. Again, essay for anther day. Now, Sashay away...

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