boy like me

currently in development (c.2018)

Boy Like Me is a new screenplay set in Furaha, CO, a fictitious community where only Black gay men exist. The film is a jubilant romantic comedy that explores the universal theme of finding love in a way that is indelibly Black and gay. 


Conceived in 2018 as part of another work, Complete Fragments, Boy Like Me was developed in a lab produced by FAM Creative Productions in May 2018 and awarded a Scratch Lab Residency by Hi-ARTS in November 2019. Boy Like Me is currently securing the resources necessary to begin production.Make sure to stay in touch for more updates, or if you'd like more information about this exciting project. 


The flag below was designed as the official flag of Our Happy Place, the setting of Boy Like Me, and as a way to celebrate the intersection of Black and gay identities. You can buy a pin and other merchandise here

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